Dear Friends,
The weather in Belize is just gorgeous, bright and sunny with a nice breeze blowing. We took advantage of such a beautiful day to take all the children on an outing on Sunday.

We packed a picnic lunch on March 11 and drove out to the park along the coast line of Belize City where the Belize Sailing Association was having a Sailing Regatta in honor of Baron Bliss Day holiday. We got there early enough to get great parking and picnic tables close to the water. Our five sailors who were participating in the regatta wanted to be there early enough to check out the sailing course and hear the sailing brief. Diane Campbell a member of our board of directors and Marc Noonan, a volunteer who is riding through 11 countries in Central and South America on a quad bike raising money for Liberty and other charities, and a number of staff accompanied the children.

There were a number of different classes of boats which participated in the regatta. This was the first year the Optimist Class boats which the children sail, participated in this event. Shannon, Delroy, Zarina, Jaden, and Delroy participated in the Optimist class races and Shannon and Tyrell also participated in sailing doubles in the Pico class race. The children from San Pedro sailing club dominated this regatta, however both Tyrell and Shannon came away with medals for coming in first and second sailing doubles in the Picos!

The children throughly enjoyed watching their siblings and friends compete. They spent time running free in the park, on swings, monkey bars, jumping on the trapolin, and riding a go cart. It seems that Ms Mary's food was extra delicious as they all ate their rice and beans and chicken and came back for more. Shenelle had three plates! She said the food was soooooooooooooo good!

We came home tired, relaxed, and sun burnt. It was such a wonderful day.

Seven of our children currently participate in the Optimist sailing program and we have another three interested who will be taking lessons soon. The program is a great tool for building confidence and self esteem as the children master their sailing skills. Being able to sail is also a motivator for the children to do their school work and improve their behavior. They look forward to practice and competetion. Delroy says he loves the fact that he is alone in the boat on the water as it makes him think more clearly. I always ask the children if they want to participate when there is an upcoming competetion. Delroy's answer to me was, "Yes, Miss Dell, anytime. I love it!"

Delfena Mitchell

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