Kelsey wins school contest!!

Kelsey is one of our residents and a student at Our Lady of the Way RC school here in Ladyville. Kelsey is in Std 1 and maintains a 96.7 average and is ranked 2nd in her class. She was selected by her classmates to represent her class in a popularity contest which cumulated on Saturday, May 12, 20012 at the school’s annual May fair. Proceeds from the popularity contest will be used to purchase much needed school furniture. We contacted friends and associates to get donations for the contest -- we thought how wonderful it would be for an an abandoned child to win such a contest and to know she's special, loved and supported !!

The VERY GOOD NEWS is .......

Our Kelsy won her school popularity contest at their annual May fair! She is Little Miss Our Lady of the Way!

She was so surprised and so proud. I was especially proud of her because she was very brave. Each of the contestant was asked to perform some talent. Apparently this wasn't common knowledge as only one child was prepared with a beautiful poem she read, some of them danced the tornado, and some just didn't have anything to do. We all knew Kelsey has a beautiful voice because the children at Liberty love to sing and are always singing.

Although Kelsey looked scared to death, we were all encouraging her to think of a song to sing. I stood back while she walked over to the performing area with Miss Sandra, as the crowd gathered around, I couldn't see her any more. Then I heard the announcer introduced her and then she said, " Kelsey would like to dedicate this song to her mother, Miss Delfena, and all her caregivers at Liberty Children Home!". And then I heard this soft, beautiful, haunting, voice singing, You are my sunshine. It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Her voice got stronger and more beautiful as she sang. I was as proud of our Kelsey as any mother could be.

Thanks to each and every one of you who supported Kelsey. Because you cared enough to help, you made her feel as special as any other little girl. I am especially thankful to Diane Campbell who right away understood what a boost of self confidence and self worth this would mean to a child growing up in a children's home. In only three short days, she reached out to her beautiful friends and collected over 550.00. A total of $1055.00 was raised in this fundraiser to purchase much needed classroom furniture and supplies. It feels good to contribute to this school who opened their arms to our children four years ago and still continues to do.

Short term needs are both urgent and basic – Liberty Children’s Home needs cash donations for food, staff and utilities. Any amount is welcome!

Liberty Children’s Home is a registered charity in Belize and the UK.

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Thank you!

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