UK Children's Advocate To Pass Through Belize and 10 Countries in Americas -

Imagine travelling over four thousand miles through 11 countries - now imagine doing that on a quad bike. Mark Noonan, a resident of the UK, is making just such a journey through 11 Central and South American countries to raise funds for neglected and disadvantaged children.

He will be making his second stop in his journey tomorrow at Liberty Foundation's Children home to spend time with the kids and volunteer.

He will be staying for 1-2 weeks at the children's home before moving on to another country. All the proceeds of the journey will be split between the 11 charities that he will be visiting.


From Delfena Mitchell, Director, Liberty Children's Home:

Mark arrived at Liberty just as the kids were coming in from School. He is very impressed with the campus and related how many people were waving and honking at him as he came into town.

Short term needs are both urgent and basic – Liberty Children’s Home needs cash donations for food, staff and utilities. Any amount is welcome!

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