Professionals Without Borders in Belize

In March 2012, Professionals Without Boarders made their second visit to Liberty to work on our water recycling system. In an effort to be ecologically and financially responsible, we put together a program whereby water from our laundry (kids produce a lot of laundry!) and from showers is recycled for use on the campus. PWOB volunteers have helped us with the funding, design and implementation of this most helpful project!

The following report comes to us from PWOB after their return to Seattle:

The first morning back from Belize I found myself driving to work through the cold Seattle drizzle with the car heater on high trying to keep the last of a lingering memory of Belizean sunshine and warmth.

The weather in Belize was generally good with only one day where there was some serious tropical rain, even the rain was ok since the temperature was somewhere around 84-90 degrees.

The team was led by two Facilities staff members, Cal Ihler and Mike Mullen, the remainder of the team consisted of seven Seattle University students, freshmen thru seniors.

Each day started by waking at 6-630 am getting ready for the day, then our team would walk the few blocks to Liberty Children's Home for the morning breakfast promptly served at 7:30. After breakfast, we would gather our shovels, picks, other tools, and materials along with plenty of drinkable water for the busy day.

We spent 8 to 10 hours each day working on digging trenches and installing 2” and 3” pipe that would carry greywater from three of the residences to a underground tank for collection. From the underground tank the water is pumped to a 25 foot high tower and tank and then gravity fed through over 900 feet of pipe to irrigate the vegetable gardens. Some of the water is used to wash down the pig pens each day.

The ground was a mix of dirt with a lot of very sticky clay that was hard to get off the shovels after digging a scoop. The trench for piping ran approx 280 feet, graded from 3 inches to 26 inches deep. The piping was schedule 40 PVC with drainage fittings and cleanouts every 45 feet. As with all projects we build them as close to SU standards as possible, with the operable word being “possible”. We had to get creative with this because we had to run the pipe so far and had a minimal amount of grade to do so. Our team of students didn’t complain as they kept digging, ignoring the mosquitoes, no see-ums blazing sun, tropical rain and tired bodies.

At the heart of this sustainable project is the desire to help Liberty Children’s Home by substantially lowering their water bill, while irrigating their extensive gardens which feed them. The added capacity from the three residences we tapped into will approximately double the amount of water able to be used for irrigating the gardens and washing down their growing pig operation. We have greatly enjoyed our partnership with such a deserving organization and look forward to years of further cooperation.

The Professionals Without Borders service trip was a great success thanks to the dedication of the Seattle University student PWOB volunteers.

Short term needs are both urgent and basic – Liberty Children’s Home needs cash donations for food, staff and utilities. Any amount is welcome!

Liberty Children’s Home is a registered charity in Belize and the UK.

Your donations are tax deductible.

Belize Registered Charity Number: 1105438

If you would like more information about making a donation to Liberty Children’s Home please contact Delfena Mitchell, Director: E-mail:
Phone – (011) 501-225-2158 or (011) 501-620-6694

Thank you!

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