Christmas 2011 at Liberty Children's Home

Hello friends,

On December 3, 2011, Peter Lawrence, Cindy Vigna, and Diane Campbell of San Pedro organized a fundraiser to raise money to pay several months of our electric bill and to buy Christmas presents for the children.(Please see San Pedro Fundraiser story) Peter Lawrence of Pedros Hotel flew in dressed as Santa and delivered presents to the children! Biycles were on the top of the children's wish list for Christmas and we thanks to friends and supporters like Mrs Kim Simplis Barrow, Adrian and Karen Roe, and Belize Bank Cooperate Service, we received seven new bicycles!

This is what Christmas morning looked like at Liberty.

Today Liberty is filled with laughter and excitement as kids rush around after their remote toys or zip pass on bicycles!

The morning started with Santa getting picked up at the airport; he left the North Pole in time to make it to Belize and deliver the children's presents. Of course even the most mischievous categorically claimed they were good boys and girls and Santa bought it too as he distributed all the presents. When he was done distributing presents, we loaded him into the van and rushed him back to the airport in time to catch his flight back to the North pole.

There are remote control helicopters buzzing in the air, ATVs, motor cycles, race cars, and other vehicles speeding by. Richard has challenged everyone to a race as he jumps up and down yelling "I'm gonna win!"

Of course there was one little set back that we did not plan for, BATTERIES! Just about every toy required batteries and none of the neighborhood stores opened today. However, our volunteer Laura was leaving today so when I took her to the airport I was able to find enough batteries at the airport to make every child happy! Whew, lesson learned!

Jada and Zarina are getting guitar lessons from Patrick our Austria volunteer and Brittney and Jessica are singing their hearts out on their new karaoke machine. Lena, Marylin, Reanna, and Kelsey are trying to decide whether or not they want to use the mixes that came in their cake decorating and bakery kit or candy making kit. Shenelle got so many presents she couldn't carry them all, she had the biggest grin on her face and our youngest,Nia, can be seen running up and down from the basketball courts to the front gate, stopping briefly to yell, "Hi miss Delfena!" It's great seeing them happy!

Liberty Kareoke !

San Pedro Lion's Club makes a donation to Liberty

Coin auction !

A Liberty care-giver gets into the action ........

Skinny and company entertained .....

More "Liberty Lovers" at the jump-a-thon ...... also some fun with hula-hoops!

And more hula hoops.

Jump-rope mania ....

A jump-a-thon participant from Island Academy

Liberty kids and friends had a fabulous bar-b-q lunch!

Some kids had a great day in the pool.

Taco-girl did a web-cast of the event.

Cindy worked tirelessly before, after and during the event.

Silent Auction kicks off with GREAT prizes donated by local businesses!

Short term needs are both urgent and basic – Liberty Children’s Home needs cash donations for food, staff and utilities. Any amount is welcome!

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