In these difficult times we ask, but what about the children?

Who is taking care of abandoned, abused children, children afflicted with HIV?

Liberty Children’s Home is a sanctuary for children in need, providing in a natural environment, love, nurturing, and a high standard of education. Situated in Ladyville, on the outskirts of Belize City, Belize, Central America. Liberty Children’s Home is unique in its commitment to child-centered care and education. The home’s
philosophy has been influenced by the Pikler method of childcare, a well-researched approach developed to prevent the damaging effects of institutionalization on children. Liberty also draws from the Reggio Emilia and Montessori methods that aim for the fullest possible development of the whole child.

This home should be a model for other homes here in Belize and around the world.” – Dr. Ek, Pediatrician, caring for Liberty Kids.

You can see the difference on the faces of these children.” – Delfena Mitchell, former Director.

Click here to listen to Delfena speak about the remarkable work being done at Liberty Children’s Home.

To see a brief video showing Liberty Children's Home itself, please visit:

Hard economic times have reduced funding sources and Liberty Children’s Home desperately needs your help.

What can you or your business do to help Liberty Children’s Home?

Agatha Valentine, Director of Liberty Children's Home Mrs. Dacia Tillett, Principal of Liberty Learning Center

Short term needs are both urgent and basic – Liberty Children’s Home needs cash donations for food, staff and utilities. Any amount is welcome!

Liberty Children’s Home is a registered charity in Belize and the UK.

Your donations are tax deductible.

Belize Registered Charity Number: 1105438

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Longer term programs are clearly needed as well.

*An ongoing monthly donation from your business or family can help Liberty establish a dependable cash-flow for operations. These pledges can be fulfilled by:

*”Dollar a Night / Dollar a Tour” – Hotels and tour operations in Belize can ask their guests for a modest donation of $1 a night or $1 per tour. Matching funds from the operator are also encouraged. The Radisson Ft. George in Belize City spearheaded this program and you are encouraged to join in!
Radisson Ft. George in Belize City, Red Ginger, and Caliente, and Blue Water Grill in San Pedro have matching-funds donation programs supporting the cost of daily operations at Liberty Children's Home.

Pikler methods inspire the care of children at Liberty Children's home.

Monetary donations can be made to Liberty Children's Home through "A Broader View". Email them at for more information.

If you would like more information about making a donation to Liberty Children’s Home please contact Agatha Valentine, Director: E-mail:
Phone – (011) 501-620-6694

Thank you!

Liberty Children’s Home
#1 Stork Street, Ladyville, Belize
Phone: (011) 501-225-2158 or (011) 501-620-6694